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Australia has approximately 88 species of fleas. As a domestic nuisance and carrier of diseases, fleas feature well on most peoples’ list of abhorrent and repulsive insects.


Adults are very small, flattened from side to side, and have a body covered with stout, backwardly projecting spines. Legs are stout and spiny, and the hind legs are enlarged for jumping They are wingless and have no compound eyes. Antennae are small, and mouth¬parts are developed for piercing and sucking.

Larvae are very small, legless, worm like creatures with short antennae, chewing mouthparts and rigid hairs along the body.

Biology and habits

Fleas are external parasites of mammals, in the main, and birds. Some species have only one type of host, while others can survive on a variety of hosts. Adults are quite active, crawling among hair or fur and often moving by jumping They may spend little time on the host, perhaps visiting only briefly for a blood meal when required.

Pest status

Fleas are annoying and irritating in the home where, particularly when climatic conditions are favourable, they can create huge populations. More importantly, some fleas are carriers of serious diseases, such as bubonic plague, murine typhus and a number of tapeworm infections.

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