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Service Information

Melbourne Pest Control provides fully personalized services to residential and commercial properties. Our technicians look for and find pests where they are entering, and treat those areas. We search for pests in roof voids, sub-floors, internal and external areas. We provide written, no obligation free quotations.

We will liaise with you to arrive at a suitable pest control solution.

The products that we use are all registered with the Health Department and pesticides including powders, sprays, dust and baits are all placed and located in appropriate areas out of the way of pets and children. Our methods follow the strictest guidelines to maximize your safety.

All the work done by Melbourne Pest Control is covered by a warranty. The warranty varies between three months for cockroaches, six months for ants and spiders, and up to a year for termites.

We offer free inspections after your warranty has expired. There are no other costs during the warranty period.

Give us a call if you would like any further information.


Pacific international policy NU, AUS-08-1345 , general & public liability $20.000.000 professional indemnity $1.000.000